I have just come back from one of the most memorable experiences of my life- the Oman Desert Marathon, which is a 165 km race run over 6 days. I ran for 4-8 hours each day carrying my  20lbs of equipment on my back, such as my sleeping bag and the food that would keep me going throughout this adventure.

On day 1 I found it really tough – it was so hot and I really felt like I was hitting a wall. However, that evening, whilst resting at the camp, something changed making this a run like no other for me. There was a 58 year old, blind lady, Odile, who was also doing the marathon accompanied by a guide. Unfortunately the guide injured his knee so had to drop out. One of the organisers announced this and asked if anyone would be willing to volunteer to help Odile round. There were a lot of blank faces whilst everyone looked around the room, but I saw it as an amazing opportunity so happily volunteered.